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What American Marble, LLC Can Do For You

At American Marble, LLC, We offer a full range of Architectural Metal, Stone and Wood refinishing with over 20 years experience, servicing all types of metals, stone and wood finishes. We restore, clean and maintain. We also provide metal coatings with custom color paints. Traditional skills, but still state of the art – that’s what sets American Marble, LLC apart. We provide high quality at reasonable prices. Whether it’s a customized job or for our standard services, you can rely on us!


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American Marble, LLC offers 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service. Please contact us immediately if you need emergency service.

Metal / Paint

• Complete Refinish
• Scratch Removal
• Change Mirror To Satin
• Vandalism Removal
• Antique Finishes (Us 10B)
• Patinas
• Custom Finish Paints

Marble & Stone

• Complete Refinish
• Scratch Removal
• Broken Or Cracks Repairs
• Clean And Seal
• Stain Removal
• Grout Cleaning Or Replace
• Power Washing


• Complete Refinish
• Touch Ups

Before / After

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